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Scientific Book

Scientific Publications

Azuelos-Atias, Sol (co-author: Plato-Shinar Ruth). Simplifying the Interaction between Banks and their Customers: Towards Modernization of the Banking Contract Language. Mishpatim 2021. 51


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. Is the banking contract a legal contract? Hebrew Linguistics. 2021


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Azuelos-Atias, Sol (& Dror, Judith). The modes of action of Jews in the Muslim public sphere in Morocco –   linguistic and pragmatic analysis of legal texts". 2018. Peamim 156: 75-99.


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. The use of narrative in the language of criminal law: Linguistic aspects. 2018. Studies in Language and Society 11 (2): 56-73.


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. The meaning of what is said “between the lines”: Genesis 4: 7. 2018. Studies in Language and Society, 11(1): 10-21.


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Azuelos-Atias, Sol. Means of interpretation for identifying attitude assimilated into the meta-linguistic levels. 2010. In: Ben-Shahar, Rina; Toury, Gideon and Ben-Ari, Nitsa (eds.) Hebrew a Living Language: Studies on Language in Cultural-Social Contexts. Hakibbutz Hameuchad & Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics, Tel-Aviv University, vol. 5, 7-26.


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Azuelos-Atias, Sol. ‘The accused’, ‘the victim’: Characters in the legal drama. 2005. Hebrew Linguistics 56: 33-48.


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. Discourse markers and characterization of criminality of events. 2002. Haivrit Weahyoteha 2, 3: 89-105.

Entries in encyclopedia


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. Legal Hebrew. 2013. Khan, G. ed. Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics II. Leiden/Boston: Brill: 492-497.


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. Political Discourse. 2013. Khan, G. ed. Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics III. Leiden/Boston: Brill: 172-176.

Edited Special Journal Issues


Azuelos-Atias Sol. "Translation and Interpretation of Legal Texts across Languages and Cultures". 2017. International Journal of Legal Discourse (IJLD), 2(1) (De Gruyter).


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. “Language and Law in Israel”. 2012. Special Issue of Studies in Language and Society 5(1-2).

Book Review


Azuelos-Atias, Sol. The Pragmatic Turn in Law: Inference and Interpretation in Legal Discourse by Janet Giltrow & Dieter Stein (eds.). International Journal of Speech Language and the Law, 2018. Equinox, 25(1), 109-118.‏

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